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PerfectVision NPR8 Non-Penetrating Flat Roof Mount

A variety of hole patterns are pre-punched in this base frame. You can drill the center plate area if necessary to fit other antenna foot patterns.  No holes need to be drilled in the roof surface, this avoids reluctance by building owners and reduces the possibly of roof leaks. The total weight of the assembly can be varied by the use of either “light” concrete blocks or standard weight blocks. Of course, this and ALL roof mounted antenna assemblies should be tethered to the building with a flexible steel cable for maximum security.

  • DIRECTV Approved
  • Fits SLP-F, 18DISH, 1820DISH, DISH 500, 1,000.2, 1,000.4 and DTV66E series antennas. Also fits most 18” & 24” oval dishes.
  • Drill custom clearance holes for any other small dish foot pattern.
  • Wind leg attachment holes provided in two different directions for maximum stability
  • Grey powder coated steel construction
  • 1.50” angle steel frame Holds Eight concrete blocks for ballast
  • No roof drilling or roof penetration required
  • Ballast with Eight Concrete Blocks
  • Optional Side Mounted Wind Leg can be Mounted also
  • Bolt Kit Contents: 1 Angle Bracket, 8 5/16" x .75" Hex Head Bolts Grade 5, 8 5/16" Hex Nuts, 8 5/16"Split Lockwashers, 2 Green Self-Tapping Ground Screws
  • When used with large dishes like DIRECTV SL5 and SL3 use 12 cinder blocks
  • Works with all DIRECTV Dishes

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