Perfect Vision NPR5 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount for 18 to 24 inch Dishes

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MSRP: $69.99
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Perfect Vision NPR5 Non-Penetrating Roof Antenna Mounting System for 18" 24" Dishes and Off-Air Antennas

No holes need to be drilled in the roof surface, this avoids the reluctance by building owners and reduces the possiblity of roof leaks. The total weight of the assembly can be varied by the use of light concrete blocks or standard weight blocks. 

The NPRMAT8 is recommended to protect the flat roof coating from damage or imprinting of the frame.

This and all roof mounted antenna assemblies should be tethered to the building with flexible steel cable for maxium security and protection. We recommend the PVTK1.

  • Perfect solution for flat roofs!
  • This non-penetrating antenna/roof mount uses 6 blocks.18"x 24" Base
  • NOTE: DIRECTV Dishes manufactured as of 2/12 ship with larger j-mount not compatible with this mount
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE J MOUNT - We recommend the Winegard DS-3000 J Mount.
  • Uses 6 Standard Blocks (Not Included)
  • Powder Coated Angle Iron Frame


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