DVDO Quick6 HDMI Switcher

DVDO Quick6 HDMI Switcher Review from Home Theater Review

DVDO's Quick6 is an HDMI switcher that's loaded with goodies designed to add newfangled functionality to old-fangled AV systems. Of course, the Quick6's first function is to give you the necessary ports to incorporate more HDMI-equipped sources into your system, from a cable/satellite receiver to a Blu-ray player to a gaming console to a streaming media player. The box sports six HDMI 1.4a inputs, as well as two HDMI outputs that can be set up in Mirror mode (to send the same signal to two displays simultaneously) or AVR mode (to split the video and audio). The Quick6 also has digital audio outputs so, if you're still highly attached to your older AV receiver or preamp that lacks HDMI, you can route audio via an optical or coaxial output. RS-232 is available for integration into an advanced control system, and the package includes an IR remote that has dedicated buttons for nearly every important function. Finally, there's a USB port for firmware updates; I performed one update during my time with the Quick6, and it was an easy, straightforward process (not as easy as updating over a network, mind you, but easy enough). Read more

Sep 17, 2013

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