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Perfect Path HD-1000-8 8ft Locking HDMI Cable with Ethernet Channel

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    Perfect Path HD-1000-8 8ft Locking HDMI Cable with Ethernet Channel

    The embodiment of the perfect path. The HD 1000 by Perfect Path breaks the boundaries of the HDMI system, now and for the future. The world's first truly locking HDMI solution, presented in a gleaming gloss nickel finish. If you want the HDMI cable that does everything, your decision has already been made.

     Key Features:

    • Perfect Lock™ locking HDMI® connector with 25lbs retention
    • High Speed HDMI® Speed Cable with Ethernet Channel
    • 4k - 2k resolution (four times 1080p)
    • 3D over HDMI® support
    • CL2/FT4 rated for in-wall use
    • Audio Return Channel

    Technical Specifications:

    • High Speed HDMI Cable to support advanced HDMI features - Fastest cable available.
    • Shielded, precision twisted pair ethernet channel-for future network connectivity - The HDMI 1.4 specification adds a data channel to the HDMI connection, enabling high-speed, bi-directional communication. Connected devices that include this feature can send and receive data via 100 Mb/sec Ethernet, making them instantly ready for any IP-based application. The HDMI Ethernet Channel allows internet-enabled HDMI devices to share an internet connection via the HDMI link, with no need for a separate Ethernet cable. It also provides the connection platform that will allow HDMI-enabled components to share content between devices.
    • Patented GEN2 PerfectLock slide-locking HDMI connectors - "locks" into any standard HDMI port without alteration.
    • EXCEEDS 10.2 Gbps Speed Rating for resolutions beyond 1080p.
    • Highest port retention in the industry - 25 lb "pull" strength. This is 7 times the port retention of standard HDMI interconnects.
    • Instantly improves your home theater experience.
    • Amazing all-digital connection for clearest possible picture.
    • Supports all HDTV formats, 3D HDTV and Blu-ray.
    • Supports 4K x 2K Video.
    • Supports HDMI Audio Return Channel.
    • Supports 8-channel digital audio on same cable. Also supports 6-channel, 96kHz audio.
    • Supports lossless compressed digital audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.
    • Support for One Bit Audio format, such as SuperAudio CD's DSD (Direct Stream Digital).
    • Support for "Deep Color" 48-bit, 36-bit, and 30-bit.
    • Supports new xvYCC, sYCC601, Adobe RGB, and Adobe YCC601 color spaces (1.8 times as many colors as existing HDTV signals).
    • Full support for high-resolution PC video formats-including 2560 X 1400.
    • Ability for PC sources to use their native RGB color-space while retaining the option to support the YCbCr CE color-space.
    • Supports future low-voltage (i.e., AC-coupled) sources, such as those based on PCI Express I/O technology.
    • CL2/FT4-Rated for in-wall use.
    • PerfectLink Chipset - Two-way active imbedded high-performance equalizer (amplifier)-for lengths at and beyond 16 feet. Internally powered that does not require external power supply.
    HD-1000 & HD-700 Series Locking HDMI Connector Animation (00:21)
    Animation demonstrating how the Perfect Path Locking HDMI Connectors engage and disengage. (1) Simply plug the HDMI cable into any device with an HDMI Port. (2) After the connector had been fully inserted, continue to push on the connector body. It will slide forward about 1/8" engaging the locking mechanism.. (3) To remove, grasp the connector body and pull away from the device the cable is plugged into, which will disengage the locking mechanism.
    • HD-1000 & HD-700 Series Locking HDMI Connector Animation
      Animation demonstrating how the Perfect Path Locking HDMI Conn...
    • Jem Schofield of Gearbox Demonstrates Perfect Path Locking HDMI Cable
    • Perfect Path High-Retention HDMI Connector Video

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