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Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI HDTV SDI QAM Modulator / Encoder

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  • Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI HDTV SDI QAM Modulator / Encoder
  • Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI HDTV SDI QAM Modulator / Encoder
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Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI HD-SDI Modulator

CR QMOD™ technology is opening the doors to new HDTV applications. The QMOD™-SDI HD SDI enables cost-effective distribution of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, digital signage, HD subscriber sources, and EAS emergency AV using existing broadband coax cabling in sports, retail and entertainment facilities, corporate offices, colleges, schools and worship centers.

  • Create your own on-site HDTV broadband distribution system using HD-SDI, Component, and NTSC video sources
  • Distribute digital signage, satellite, cable, and media as HD digital cable channels over existing broadband wiring
  • View HD sources at any destination using HDTV displays or tuners


  • Accepts digital HD-SDI (1080i/720p) and SD-SDI (480i)
  • Auto-senses SDI resolution, changes QMOD resolution to match
  • Inputs analog HD Component, S-Video and Composite video
  • Presents 480p/480i video as full-screen image (rather than a small image in a 720p window)
  • Switches between SDI, Component, and video inputs with audio follow
  • Responds to GPI inputs to switch to EAS composite video and audio
  • Employs pro-grade HD encoding by NTT that minimizes artifacts for motion video and signage “tickers”
  • Merges audio with video from embedded SDI, analog stereo, digital optical and coax inputs
  • Creates a high-definition 720p/1080i MPEG-2 stream for broadcast
  • Delivers a fully agile QAM 64/256 digital cable channel 2-135
  • Amplifies for distribution over an on-site broadband cable system with adjustable output level to 29 dBmV, compatible with all cable format broadband systems
  • Sets up with front-panel buttons and easy to use menus, including inputs, encoding, channel, and RF options
  • Powers up in less than 4 seconds, no OS overhead
  • Integrates with RS-232 control and feedback with simple ASCII commands
  • Saves power and rack space using efficient design, fan-free cooling, and compact enclosure
  • Includes compact switching power supply
  • Mounts in optional 1RU single (RK1) or dual (RK2) 19” rack kits
  • Meets RoHS safety and California energy standards.


  • Connect SDI, Component, S-Video or Video (QMOD-SDI can swtich between SDI, Component, and Composite)
  • Connect audio to digital optical, coax, or stereo audio inputs
  • Select inputs, channel, resolution, and RF output parameters from front-panel menus
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Warranty Information

Contemporary Research Warranties the QMOD-SDI HDTV SDI Modulator for Two Years
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