ButtKicker BK-GR2 Gamer Transducer Amplifier Kit

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  • ButtKicker BK-GR2 Gamer Transducer Amplifier Kit
  • ButtKicker BK-GR2 Gamer Transducer Amplifier Kit
  • ButtKicker BK-GR2 Gamer Transducer Amplifier Kit
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The ButtKicker BK-GR2 Gamer2 is awesome for gaming, simulation, computer entertainment, and digital music playback. This device works with all computer systems and all gaming consoles, and allows you to feel the gut-wrenching punch of machine-gun fire, the pounding of chopper blades, racing engines, gear-shifts, explosions and more. With the ButtKicker Gamer you can experience powerful bass even while you're using headphones.

But what is it and how does it work? The ButtKicker is a small linear motor that reacts to an audio signal sent by an amplifier. The ButtKicker Gamer comes with its own 90-watt amplifier that is convection-cooled with vents so there’s no noisy fan. It also includes a wired remote control so you can stash the amp out of sight and still operate its core features. It is similar to a loudspeaker, but instead of a moving a cone and transferring sound waves through the air, the ButtKicker Gamer is attached to your seat and sends a low frequency sound directly into your body. The effect is amazing.

The human body uses two senses to perceive full-range sound. We hear sound, but we also feel it, especially low frequencies. Traditionally it takes big speakers to move a tremendous amount of air for us to feel low frequency sound. That's why so many people love loud concerts -- they want to feel the music as well as hear it. The ButtKicker Gamer reproduces the feeling range of audio in a more direct way than through air movement. The perception is actually better, plus the sound pressure disappears. For example, when using headphones with the BK-GR2, you'll still perceive powerful, musically accurate, concert-level audio, but no one else will hear anything.

The ButtKicker Gamer can take your gaming experience to an awesome level without angering your neighbors. To get the full effect of exciting, action-packed video game titles you'd normally need a huge audio entertainment system that you could pump up to a disturbing-the-peace level. The ButtKicker Gamer solves the problem and adds the big bass feeling without the giant, disruptive volume.

Designed to be responsive and aggressive, the ButtKicker Gamer answers the need for both accurate low frequency response and maximum immersion. Video games, sim racing and flight simulators have never been so realistic or intense.

What They're Saying

From "iGames" magazine
I wasn't sure what fate had in mind when I unpacked the Buttkicker and got it set up. I know that many of you think “buttkicker” and think of an older brother or cousin beating the tar out of you for no reason. No my friends, this is a device that enhances your overall “entertainment” experience by amplifying low frequency sounds and it connects to a chair.

International Flight-Sim Convention
The winner of this year's CES Innovation Award didn't go to some great computer device that makes computers quicker or quieter, or to anything with a lowercase I before it's name, but rather to a product that straps onto your chair, sends thumping vibrations through your seat. Buttkicker Gamer
When you're gaming at LAN parties or with a bunch of friends in a garage or basement, using your 5.1 stereo sound system when you're fragging them isn't an option. So, what are you going to do when you want that "bass feel", but you have to use headphones? The ButtKicker Gamer was designed with this purpose in mind, and we just happen to have one on our test bench to review today.

What's in the Box
ButtKicker BK-GR2 gamer, Easy Clamp attachment mechanism, 90-watt amplifier with optional standing feet, 13.5-foot cable, RCA and mini Y adapters, five-foot RCA-to-RCA cable, five-foot RCA-to-mini cable, and two Velcro cable ties.


  • For PC and console gaming and digital music that attaches to most center post chairs
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-250Hz
  • Impedance: 2 ohms
  • Buttkicker® Gamer Easy Clamp™ feature
  • Includes Gamer, gamer amplifier and available 120v and 240v not switchable wiring
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Warranty Information

ButtKicker Warranties the BK-GR2 Gamer Transducer Amplifier for 1 Year
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