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Holland SLC-SP-AP Angled Pin Speaker Adapter

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Holland Electronics SLC-SP-AP Interchangeable 45 Degree Angle Pin Adapter for Speaker Compression Connectors is terminated with a perfect 360 Degree grab around the cable. It ensures a high holding force and maximum sound perfection due to positive conductivity. The speaker compression connector is specially designed to reduce installation time to 20 seconds or less, and enhance performance by eliminating loose wires that can lead to poor sound quality. The connectors are compatible with the same universal compression tool as all Holland compression connectors. 

For use with the Holland Electronics SLC-SP-12SLC-SP-14 & SLC-SP-16 Speaker Compression Connector Base.


  • Compatible with universal compression tools.
  • Compression technology ensures sound quality.
  • One piece body design.
  • Quick and simple termination.
  • Gold plated contacts for superior conductivity.
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