Holland G-F81F 3GHz F-81 Barrel Splice (Bag of 100)

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  • Holland G-F81F 3GHz F-81 Barrel Splice (Bag of 100)
  • Holland G-F81F 3GHz F-81 Barrel Splice (Bag of 100)
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Holland G-F81F 3GHz F-81 Barrel Splice

Manufacturer Part Number: G-F81F (Bag of 100)

Holland Electronics has advanced the technology of traditional F splice adapters. Their G-F81F is the one of the highest quality F81 adapters available on the market today. Holland's Patented Pin seizure mechanism offers twice the pin contact area and holding force as compared to conventional F splice adapters. This allows for the higher current handling required by newer satellite systems and offers long-term reliability.

Advantages of Holland's Premium Design

DIRECTV & Dish Network Approved

Lower Insertion Loss

The G-F81 series has approximately 1/3 the insertion loss of standard splices at higher frequencies. (Savings of over. 5 dB at 2 GHz).

Higher Frequency Operation

The internal air dielectric in combination with the symmetrically round pin provide superior matchingover wide frequencies between DC and 3 GHz.

Higher Return Loss
With a return loss of over 35 dB @1 GHz, as compared to 13 dB for standard splices, the G-F81 canassure a higher match resulting in faster digital speeds. The G-F81 series exceeds current SCTE minimumRL levels of 20 dB.

Flat Port Ends
The G-F81F series uses a patented method to provide flat ports ends on both sides meeting the SCTEspecifications of flatness and aperture. Patent # 6,113,431.

Round, Multi-Point Seizing Pin

The patented multi-point seizing pin provides a larger contact area than standard, dual flat pin splices. This results in lower contact resistance and thus higher current handling capability when needed, as wellas a greater resistance to long term center conductor oxidation. The patented design also creates a mildwiping action which removes a few microns of oxidation upon insertion.

Beryllium Copper Seizing Pin

The use of the more expensive beryllium copper material for the center conductor seizing pins insures agreater holding force than the traditional phosphor bronze or copper pins used in standard splices. Theadvanced material also maintains a higher spring tension over repetitive insertions.

Accepts a Wider Range of Cable Center Conductors

Due to the greater elastic capability of beryllium copper, the G-F81 series can accept a wider variation incable center conductor sizes and maintains its high strength on the smallest cables even after repetitiveinsertions of the largest cables.

Patented, 7-year Field Proven Design

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