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ZYXEL Nebula NWA1302-AC IEEE 802.11ac 1.20 Gbit/s Wireless Access Point

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The Zyxel NWA1302-AC has been designed for per-room deployment scenarios. It turns a RJ45 outlet box into not only a wireless access point to provide WiFi services, but also a Gigabit switch with PoE to power smart TV or VoIP devices to establish the last-mile network services. Featuring NebulaFlexTM, the NWA1302-AC can be managed through the Web GUI or license-free Nebula cloud management platform.


Versatile mounting options

The low profile and versatile mounting design of the Zyxel NWA1302-AC make it a perfect choice for per-room deployments. It easily blends into tasteful decorations and can be mounted directly on the outlet box or any obscure locations - or simply on your desktop. For the best look, the Ethernet cable and coaxial cable can run out from the cable channel to keep NWA1302-AC slim and fit in a limited space.

Welcome your guest with high-speed WiFi

Designed for per-room deployments, NWA1302-AC features smart antenna and beamforming to dynamically change signal directions to provide superb performance for each individual client. Zyxel's smart antenna has been proved to be the best solution to mitigate interference from neighboring APs wherever it is mounted. The NWA1302-AC promises users with enjoyable, ubiquitous HD streaming experience on their mobile devices.

Extending modern in-room connectivity with a box

Nowadays, people demand wired switches to support smart TV, VoIP and high-speed Internet access in hotel rooms, meeting rooms and studios. As a result, rooms are filled with cables and switches that require more investment and are difficult to maintain. Let's keep the budget and cabling efforts to the minimum. More than just a WiFi AP, the Zyxel NWA1302-AC has three local Gigabit Ethernet ports to securely attach wired devices, in which a PoE port powers the attached devices without the need for electric outlets and power cables.

Manage it your way! - Switch easily between standalone and cloud management

Taking advantage of NebulaFlexTM, the NWA1302-AC can be managed as a traditional standalone AP or a Nebula cloud managed AP. You can switch easily between two management platforms for different application scenarios with only a few simple clicks-no need to pay any extra fee. With the remote and real-time management capability, Zyxel's Nebula cloud center allows you to configure devices before unboxing and even monitors networks in all branches conveniently in your own office.

RF First - high-performance, reliable connections through design

When the access point is being designed, every detail is taken into account to ensure the best user experience. With Zyxel's commitment to RF first for high-performance, reliable connection, the NWA1302-AC adopts optimized RF solutions, including noise shield and smart antenna, to provide great user experience even in challenging environments as hotel rooms.
  • Provides wireless, wired and PoE connectivity with 802.11ac as well as a built-in Gigabit switch
  • Compact design with a unique cable channel makes it to fit into all mounting places and saves space
  • NebulaFlexTM gives the flexibility to switch between standalone and license-free Nebula cloud management
  • Equipped with smart antenna proven to mitigate interference from neighboring APs
  • Enterprise-class 2x2 802.11ac AP supporting combined data rates of up to 1.2 Gbps
  • Three downlink Gigabit Ethernet ports, including one with PoE to power VoIP phones or other devices
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