Winegard FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

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  • Winegard FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna
  • Winegard FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna
  • Winegard FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna
  • Winegard FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna
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Winegard FV-30BB FreeVision Attic/Outdoor VHF UHF HD Antenna

The antenna design experts at Winegard have engineered the FreeVision to maximize performance for high-definition broadcast digital channels available in the United States. Its attic/outdoor design allows for incredibly versatile placement for the best reception of digital HD broadcasts. Many of your favorite shows are available for free and in 1080 HD--watch multi-cast over-the-air broadcast channels your cable provider can't show you including local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX kids shows, news and weather.

  • Each antenna is engineered for peak performance.
  • The FreeVision mounts easily in the attic or outdoors.
  • Use the FreeVision for Blu-ray quality HD viewing.

Watch your Favorite Shows

Almost all of the most-watched TV shows are available on local broadcast stations. Why pay for the same programming you can get for free and in near Blu-ray quality HD with the FreeVision? Many local stations now broadcast in crystal-clear high definition, and also broadcast audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, giving you the ultimate home theater experience--but with no monthly bills. No monthly fees, no contract, no installation fees, no credit checks and no cancellation fees.

  • Revolutionary attic/outdoor TV antenna that receives both UHF and High-Band VHF signals
  • Watch multi-cast over-the-air broadcast channels including local ABC, NBC, CBS and more

Engineered by the Experts

Winegard has been designing antennas since 1954 when the company introduced the first ever all-channel antenna in the U.S.A. Winegard antennas undergo extensive internal design tests including near and far field ranges to ensure maximum signal quality. Each antenna is engineered for peak performance over the U.S. signal spectrum. The majority of markets have one or more channels broadcast in High-VHF.

Mount Indoors or Out

The FreeVision mounts easily on a deck, railing or side of the house, or inside the home in your living room or attic.

Works with Existing Cable or Satellite

The FreeVision is still a great solution for your home if you don't wish to cancel your cable or satellite programming. Use the FreeVision in areas of your house or garage that are not connected to your cable or satellite system. Or, use the FreeVision for superior near Blu-ray quality HD viewing and for additional programming that may not be available through cable or satellite. The FreeVision also works as a great back-up in situations where reception may be lost.

What Channels Does the FreeVision Receive?

The FreeVision delivers free over-the-air programming to your television. While the channels in your area may vary, there are more channels being broadcast for free than ever before. In most areas you can receive your local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS channels as well as new "digital subchannels" that broadcast 24 hour news, weather, kids programming, and your favorite syndicated shows. According to Nielson's Top 10 ratings, nearly all of the most watched television shows including programs such as NBC Sunday Night Football, NCIS, Dancing With The Stars, 60 Minutes and more.

In larger markets many other channels are available including 24 hour sports programming, 24 hour classic movie channels, travel and dining networks, 24 hour music channels and more.

Get the Most Out of Your FreeVision with Optional Accessories

Extend the range and power of your Winegard FreeVision using select Winegard antenna accessories (sold separately). The Winegard LNA-200 Preamplifier boosts your digital signal to overcome any cable or splitter loss in your TV antenna system and minimize dropouts. Use the Winegard DS-3000 J-Pipe Mount for outdoor mounting of your FreeVision--the mounting pipe is 39" of galvanized steel, with a weatherproof coating for maximum protection from the elements.

What's in the Box?

FreeVision FV-HD30 Antenna, heavy-duty U-bolt mounting clamp, matching transformer, mini coax cable, printed documentation, warranty.

Product Description

The Winegard FreeVision is a revolutionary outdoor, indoor TV antenna that receives free broadcast digital and HDTV signals. It features a breakthrough high gain design for superior reception in a compact size. Its wide recieve angle makes it a snap to lock onto the digital signal. The FreeVision TV antenna mounts easily on the outside of a home, deck or column, railing or even right on the side of a house. The TV antenna can also be mounted indoors in an attic or right in the living room. Best yet, it is paintable to match any exterior or interior setting! Simply connect the FreeVision DTV antenna via a coax cable to your HDTV, TIVO, DISH Network or DIRECTV receiver, or compatible computer with ATSC tuner, and receive live digital programming for free! Experience the highest quality HD picture in 5.1 dolby digital surround sound. Enjoy exclusive channels not available on some pay tv services with the peace of mind that you won't lose a network over a retransmission dispute. Another benefit is that you can stay connected to local news and weather when weather conditions may temporarily prevent satellite or cable signals from working.

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