Winegard FL-4000 FlatWave Mini Razor Thin HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna

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  • Winegard FL-4000 FlatWave Mini Razor Thin HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna
  • Winegard FL-4000 FlatWave Mini Razor Thin HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna
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The Winegard FlatWave FL-4000 Mini Indoor HDTV Antenna is a small indoor antenna with outstanding reception. When big city life means a compact living space, the FlatWave Mini is the perfect solution. The razor-thin design of this ultra sleek antenna makes the Mini the best super-compact HDTV indoor antenna for smaller locations. The only thing that will stand out is the picture quality.

Ideal For Dorm Rooms, Small Living Spaces and Urban Environments

The FlatWave Mini Indoor HDTV Antenna is a light weight, compact antenna that you can install in minutes. Ideal for dorm rooms, smaller living spaces and urban environments, the Mini will pull in a near-Blu-Ray quality picture from a range of up to 15 miles, allowing you to view a "true" HD picture on your TV. The black and white antenna works with any décor and has a 15-foot cable for easy placement allowing you to enjoy the best quality reception. Install it in minutes and say goodbye to big monthly cable bills.

Free HDTV Channels

90% of the most-watched TV shows are available on local stations. Why pay for the same programming you can get for free and in high definition with the FlatWave? Many local stations now broadcast in crystal-clear high definition, and also broadcast audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, giving you the ultimate home theatre experience--but with no monthly bills. No monthly fees, no contract, no installation fees, no credit checks and no cancellation fees. You can save an average of $1,000 per year by switching to FlatWave.

Unbelievably Razor Thin

The FlatWave is less than than 2/100 of an inch thick (0.43mm). You won't believe how thin the FlatWave antenna is. It's super light, too, at only 5.44 ounces. Designed with black on one side and white on the other, the FlatWave can be flipped to display the side that best suits your home decor.

  • With FlatWave Mini, watch all your favorite shows for free and in HD.
  • A quick setup process gets you watching your favorite shows in minutes. View larger

Quick and Easy Setup

A three-step setup process gets you watching your favorite shows in minutes, with no assembly and no tools.

1. Place the antenna in the desired location.
2. Connect the coax cable coming from antenna to the "Antenna In" coax port on your TV.
3. Run a channel scan on your TV.

Watch TV Your Way

The FlatWave is a perfect companion to an Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or other streaming video and DVR devices. Combine a FlatWave antenna with your favorite streaming device and get live and on-demand programming with no monthly bills.

The FlatWave is still a great solution for your home if you don't wish to cancel your cable or satellite programming. Use the FlatWave in areas of your house or garage that are not connected to your cable or satellite system. Or, use the FlatWave for superior HD quality viewing and for additional programming that may not be available through cable or satellite. The FlatWave also works as a great back-up in situations where reception may be lost.

What Channels Does the FlatWave Mini Receive?

FlatWave antennas deliver free over-the-air programming to your television. While the channels in your area may vary, there are more channels being broadcast for free than ever before. In most areas you can receive your local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS channels as well as new "digital subchannels" that broadcast 24 hour news, weather, kids programming, and your favorite syndicated shows. This includes 90% of the most watched television shows including programs such as NBC Sunday Night Football, NCIS, Dancing With The Stars, 60 Minutes and more.

In larger markets many other channels are available including 24 hour sports programming, 24 hour classic movie channels, travel and dining networks, 24 hour music channels and more.

What's in the Box?

FlatWave FL-4000 Mini Antenna, attached 15' mini 59 coax cable, 2 easy install patches, printed documentation.

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Warranty Information

Winegard Warranties the FL-4000 FlatWave Mini Razor Thin HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna for 1 Year
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