Ultra Series THX 1000 8' Fiber Optic Digital Interconnect

ULT I1000FO-8
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  • Ultra Series THX 1000 8' Fiber Optic Digital Interconnect


Exceeds THX® certification standards for proper system performance, reliability and ease of installation.
Heavy-duty, color-coded molded grip for easy handling.
Spring-loaded connector keeps fiber in optical alignment for maximum data transfer.
Hand-polished optical fiber for more accurate signal transfer.


When You're Serious About Home Theatre You Need the Highest Performance Cable
Serious home theatre isn't just about watching movies-it's about experiencing them. Achieving the best possible picture and sound means using the most advanced, highest definition cable. For Monster Cable, that meant making our best even better. The main criteria was performance - to create the world's highest quality, most advanced line of home theatre cable. So, Monster joined forces with THX, the leader in audio/video quality assurance programs for select movie theatres, home theatre components, and DVDs. And a new breed of ultra performance home theatre cable was born.

For Those Who Want the Best: Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Home Theatre Cable
Monster's Ultra Series is a result of hundreds of hours of critical listening, testing, re-evaluation, and engineering refinements. Only the most advanced Monster technologies, designs and materials were used. And of course, every cable had to meet the stringent certification standards set by THX. As you'll see and hear, the results are ultra impressive.

Dolby Digital and Other Surround Sound Formats Require Digital Audio Cables
Dolby Digital and DTS are ultra-high quality digital audio formats that provide incredible surround sound and superior performance. You must use a fiber optic or digital coax cable to take advantage of these exciting new technologies.

Introducing Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Fiber Optic Cable
Monster's Ultra Series Fiber Optic 1000 cable features special high grade index optical fiber and an internal Isotec vibration isolation jacket which greatly reduces jitter for maximum sonic clarity and optimizes digital bitstream tranmissions. Bandwidth is maximized, so all the dialogue, music and sound effects are delivered with precision, clarity and accuracy.

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