Tripp Lite Remote Control Cooling Management SNMP

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The SRCOOLNET2 SNMP/Web Interface Card adds remote monitoring and management capabilities to select Tripp Lite air conditioning units, including the SRCOOL7KRM. By installing the SRCOOLNET2 into the unit's accessory slot, you will be able to control the cooling unit over the Ethernet network from any location via SNMP, SSH, telnet or web browser. Monitor temperatures, adjust fan speed, and activate dehumidification modes. You can also review logs remotely and receive alerts. LEDs confirm network connection, speed and card initialization. The included ENVIROSENSE® module connects to the SRCOOLNET2's PS/2 port to monitor temperatures and humidity up to 12 feet away from the primary unit, allowing its operation to be based on the intake air temperature where the sensor is mounted. The ENVIROSENSE also lets you monitor smoke detectors, fire alarms and security systems through a dry-contact interface.
  • Enables remote management of Tripp Lite air conditioning unit
  • Controls temperature, fan speed and dehumidification modes
  • Sends alerts in case of power failure, high temperature, etc.
  • Installs easily in unit's accessory slot
  • Includes ENVIROSENSE temperature and humidity sensor
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