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PV6USLP SignaLoc F-Type Universal Compression Connector for RG6 - Bag of 50

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The Perfect Vision PV6USLP is a universal F-type compression connector that fits any standard dual, tri-shield or quad-shield RG-6 75 Ohm coax cable and has been designed with patented grounding insert to provide enhanced continuity and minimize signal ingress/egress.

The PV6USLP is part of our RIDGELOC 360® UNIVERSAL series of compression connectors. Like all previous models it’s textured sleeve cylinder and the end bell capture rings prevent backing up regardless of where the end bell is located on the sleeve after compression. Therefore, the coax is POSITIVELY captured by the end bell every time. Use ANY standard compression tool with a compression length approximately 21mm and the RIDGELOC 360® always installs correctly for maximum quality and performance. The RIDGELOC 360® is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and is tested to SCTE® standards and weatherproof for hostile outdoor environments.

Why Use the PV6USLP Universal Compression F Connector?

  • Reduces Video Pixelation
  • Reduces Tiling and Picture Stuttering
  • Greater immunity to packet loss
  • Increased Singal to Noise Level Performance
  • Easy to install with ANYTOOL® compatibility
  • Meets or Exceeds all SCTE standards


  • The RIDGELOC 360® UNIVERSAL patented connector series allows for easy installation of different cable shielding (dual, tri and quad) in varied environmental conditions.
  • Designed for CATV and Broadband installations. Compatible with all application frequencies.
  • Engineered from precision machined copper alloy, UV protected POM, silicone rubber and “O” sealing ring.
  • The ANYTOOL® design meanis the PV6USLP works with ANY standard compression tool.
  • End Bell cannot back up. Locks coax cable securely and positively in place
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • SBCA Compliant
  • UL Listed
  • Bag of 50 connectors

Cable Preperation:

  • The coax should have a 1/4” (6.35mm) exposed braid and 5/16” (7.94mm) exposed center conductor.


  • Passed: SCTE-103-2004 (DC Contact Resistance)
  • Passed: ANSI/SCTE 60-2004 (Interface Moisture Migration Test)
  • Passed: ASTM-B117-03 (Salt Spray Test)
  • Passed: ANSI/SCTE-99-2004 (Axial Pull Test)
  • Passed: SCTE-98-2004 (Tightening Torque)
  • Passed: SCTE-73-2002 (Coaxial Insertion Force)
  • Passed: SCTE-48-3-2004 (Shielding Effectiveness)
  • Passed: ANSI/SCTE-04-1997 (F Connector Return Loss)
  • Passed: SBCA Standards of Physical Dimension Tolerance
  • Passed: GR-1503-Core, Issue 1, March 1995 UV Degradation


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