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NetReset NR-1000US Automated Power Cycler for Network Devices

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    NetReset™ NR-1000US Automated Power Cycler for Network Devices

    We're all familiar with those days when the modem locks up and you have to unplug it from the wall to reset the network—it can be a pain in the you know what! The cause can either be the modem, router, or even the internet provider… Whatever the reason, doing a hard reset is usually the solution. The clever engineers at NetReset designed a product that helps eliminate the annoying chore of having to perform a hard reset. NetReset’s Automated Power Cycler is a power device that offers sequential power cycling to your modem and/or router. Every day, at the user’s specified time, the Power Cycler performs a network power sequence (NPS) that resets the connected network devices in the proper order (modem, router), allowing your network to consistently perform at its highest.

    Network Pains

    Network issues can come from a number of sources. Perhaps your internet provider changes your IP address often, and the router doesn't catch on. Maybe it's overheating, or maybe it's getting bogged down by too many connections at once. There isn't an easy way to figure out what the problem is, but luckily, NetReset has devised a nifty gadget that is the answer to all of these problems. What’s more, NetReset’s consistent power reset will keep your network performing at its peak.

    How it Works

    NetReset’s Automated Power Cycler plugs right into the wall power outlet. Provided on the device are two power outlets for your modem and router. When the hard reset initiates, both the modem and router are powered down. The network power sequence (NPS) then kicks in and power is first applied to the modem. One minute later, power is applied to the router.

    Initial Setup

    Setting up NetReset’s Power Cycler in your home or small business is fast and easy. Once the modem and router are plugged in and the Power Cycler is plugged into a power source, NPS is performed… It’s that simple!

    24-Hour Timer

    NPS is performed every 24 hours at the desired time as programmed by the user. The daily automated power cycle allows 100% internet connectivity. You’ll never have to manually power cycle your network again!

    Power Failure

    If power is lost, NetReset’s Power Cycler will bring the network back up properly when power is restored. NPS is used once again to reconnect your network without any manual interaction.

    CEDIA 2013: NetReset Presents its Power Cycle Router Modems ()
    • CEDIA 2013: NetReset Presents its Power Cycle Router Modems
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    NetReset Warranties the NR-1000US Automated Power Cycler for Network Devices for 1 Year.

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