NETGEAR HomePlug Powerline AV Home Theater Internet Connection Kit

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With the Powerline AV Home Theater Internet Connection Kit from Netgear, you can easily turn an electrical outlet near your home theater into an Ethernet switch, allowing you to connect up to 4 Ethernet devices to your home network. Simply run an Ethernet cable from your router to the adapter and plug it into the wall, then plug Ethernet switch near your home theater and you'll be able to connect to your TV, DVR, Blu-ray player, video game system and more to your home network through your existing electrical wiring. Give your home theater access to the internet and your home network at a bitrate of 200Mbps without the hassle of placing extensive wiring throughout your home.
Turn an Electrical Power Outlet into an Ethernet Switch
Plug the adapter into an electrical socket near your home theater to turn it instantly into an Ethernet switch, allowing you to connect 4 Ethernet devices to your home network, including TiVo, Slingboxes, VUDU boxes, Blu-ray Players, video game systems, televisions, and more.
Simple Installation
Without any software to install or complicated network connections, the kit couldn't be easier to use. The adapter and switch are simple plug-and-play devices that let you connect your home theater to your network instantly.
200Mbps Speed
The adapter and switch are HomePlug AV compliant, allowing them to reach bitrates up to 200Mbps.
Port-Based QoS
The switch features port-based Quality of Service (QoS). Attach the highest-bandwidth device to a high-priority port while attaching devices that use less bandwidth to lower-priority ports so you'll get faster response to the devices that need it most.
Secure your Powerline AV Network with the Push of a Button
A small button on the side of the switch instantly secures your Powerline AV network with 128-bit AES data encryption to ensure privacy and security.
Versatile Networking
After attaching the included Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter to your router or gateway and plugging it into an electrical outlet, you can plug in another Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter anywhere else in your home so you can have access to an Ethernet port wherever you need it.
LED Indicators
The adapter has three LED lights on the front, so you know when each adapter has an active connection.


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Warranty Information

NETGEAR warranties the XAVB1004-100NAS for 1 year
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