IDEAL TLC 6FRAISRTQ Antenna Connector

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The new TLC™ (Tool-Less Compression) RG-6 F compression connector is our simplest, fastest and lowest total cost solution for installing compression connectors. Designed to save the installer Time, Labor, and Cost when installing indoor RG-6 F-Type connections no compression tool is required to terminate these connectors.

The TLC™ connector is an indoor, cable specific alternate to the NJX™ series of products. The TLC™ connector uses the standard 1/4" x 1/4" cable preparation, that does not require a compression tool to complete the termination process. TLC™ series connectors feature a sliding post design to capture and secure the cable inside of the connector. After the cable is inserted, tightening the connector to the device completes assembly process, creating a 360° compression point and a permanent connection. IDEAL F/BNC insertion tools (35-046, 35-042, 35-043) can be used (but are not required) when installing the TLC™ cable assembly to ensure connectors are properly torqued and fully seated to the female barrel. These connectors are designed for applications from 5MHz to 3GHz including CATV and satellite.
  • Ideal to be used with antenna cables
  • Nickel plated connector with superior signal quality
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