Eagle Aspen SHN-24-KIT Signal Combiner

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Model SHN-24-KIT Super Home Node is designed to distribute all off-air or CATV signals plus one UHF modulated signal typically from a satellite TV receiver or any video source to four TV outlets within a building. The consists of an RF unit plus a wall-plug power unit and power injector. The RF unit has two input connectors and four output connectors.

The unit can be used with off-air or CATV signals, a 5-42 MHz reverse path is provided from each output for use with two way cable systems (Cable Modems).

Powering is accomplished by an 18VDC wall plug connected to a power injector (included). Power is normally supplied to the modulator port of the RF unit, however, the modulator or any of the four output ports may be used for powering.

  • To fulfill your signal requirement this signal combiner is a perfect choice
  • Supports up to 42 MHz frequency
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