Crown CDi DriveCore 2|600 Amplifier - 1200 W RMS - 2 Channel

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The CDi DriveCore Series is an evolution in amplification, providing an impressive mix of high-performance; rich feature set, and competitive cost. Using technology derived from our flagship Installed Sound amplifier (Crown DriveCore Install series), the CDi DriveCore 2|600 offers streamlined functionality to work in almost any medium sized installation such as cinema, houses of worship, bars, lounges, and more. Designed for ease-of-use in a variety of applications, the 2|600 is a 2-channel amp that includes network control/monitoring, high-level DSP, front-panel interface, and support for driving up to 100Vrms speaker loads without requiring a transformer. The entire CDi DriveCore line comes pre-loaded with JBL speaker tunings to help make installations quicker and easier.

  • Helps in increasing the strength of a weak electrical signal
  • Hear your music in crisp detail with 20 kHz maximum frequency
  • The sound moves around at 4 Ohm impedance - a joyful journey to audio pitching and loudness, both
  • Showcases 2 audio channels with 1200 W RMS output power
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