Contemporary Research RK2 Dual Rack Kit

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Mounts two QMOD or AV Tuner units into one 19" rack space.

  1. Remove top cover of the first unit by removing the ten (10) black screws.
  2. Attach cover of first unit to the side of the second with three (3) supplied 4-40 by 1/4" (silver colored) pan head screws and split lock washers. Note that only one side of the second unit has the (3) built in nuts to accept the screws above.
  3. Reinstall the bottom/chassis of the first unit underneath its cover and attach with just eight (8) of the screws removed in step 1.
  4. Attach short rack ears to the side and towards the front of each unit with the four (4) supplied 8-32 by 1/4" (black) countersunk screws.

Construction: All aluminum with durable black powder coat paint
Includes: 2 short mounting brackets
3 1/4" (silver colored) pan head screws and split lock washers
4 Phillips screws, flathead, 82° Countersink, Black, 8-32 x .375"

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