BIRDOG ULTRA Satellite Signal Meter & Locator

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  • BIRDOG ULTRA Satellite Signal Meter & Locator
  • BIRDOG ULTRA Satellite Signal Meter & Locator
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The BIRDOG Ultra satellite finder is a small (6½ x 6½ x 2 ½”), lightweight (2.7 lbs. w/ case) signal meter. It has become the meter of choice because of its ability to rapidly find the satellite and peak the dish to the highest signal due to compatibility with the latest encryption coding, including 8PSK Turbo. The meter comes preloaded with the most popular satellites but is also programmable from its own website,, and allows the user to load the meter with only the files needed (Over 256 different files can be stored). The BIRDOG Ultra model has an easy to use spectrum display, a digital constellation screen and many other features, including a custom carrier feature wherein the user can create their own file on site. The meter comes with both an AC and a DC charging cord for its rechargeable battery and has a backlight for use in low light conditions.


  • DMTC Downstream Multi-Rate Technology Compatiblity
  • Compatible and will directly lock on to the next generation of WildBlue™
  • All in one Zip Code look Up The new Zip Code feature enables you to quickly enter your installation site Zip Code to obtain your look angles and is pre-loaded as one complete table.
  • Expanded Measurement Display - The BIRDOG Ultra also features an expanded measurement display for use with WildBlue™ installations
  • Spectrum display - The spectrum display capability is a useful additional feature for fault finding and trouble shooting.
  • Complete Power Solution - The BIRDOG Ultra provides an all in one power solution without the need for the purchase of additional power step up devices
  • Constellation Diagram - The constellation diagram is another useful tool for the detection of faults
  • Data Log - The Birdog Ultra can Save up to 16 Custom files for upload to your PC
  • LNB Frequency Deviation
  • Zip Code Data
  • Proof of Performance
  • dBm Measuring
  • Limit Scan (Pass / Fall)
  • Field Replaceable Conn
  • Current Check
  • Voltage Measurement
  • Input Range
  • 6 Hr Battery Life
  • 30v Power Supply - out of the box
  • Wildblue Power - out of the box
  • Noise Generator - out of the box
  • Next Generation Wildblue Compatible
  • Constellation Diagram
  • Expanded Measurement Display
  • Turbo HD Dish Power

BIRDOG Accessories

The BIRDOG comes with all the accessories you need in the box.

  • Internal Battery / Protective Case
  • D.C. Auto Charger
  • A/C Charger Cord
  • USB Interface Cord
  • PortSaver

Download Full tech Tips (pdf)

Log Reader Instructions (pdf)

BIRDOG Ultra Manual (pdf)

Satellites Supported

The BIRDOG satellite menu can be reprogrammed to include only the satellites you are interested in (stores up to 64 Satellite locations).  With the purchase of this meter you will be able to download satellite information and update your BIRDOG via the web (very easy and takes about 2 minutes). The list of satellites supported below is subject to change without advance notice.

---------- KU-Band ----------
KV Telstar-12 15 West
KH Telstar-12 15 West
KH NSS-7 22 West
KV Hispasat-1C 30 West
KH Hispasat-1C 30 West
KV Intelsat-801 31.5 West
KV IS-1R 45 West
KH IS-1R 45 West
KV AMC-6 72 West
KH AMC-6 72 West
KH Horizons-2 74 West
KH AMC-5 79 West
KV AMC-9 83 West
KH AMC-9 83 West
KH AMC-16 85 West
KV AMC-3 87 West
KH AMC-3 87 West
KV Galaxy-28 89 West
KH Galaxy-28 89 West
KV Galaxy-11 91 West
KH Galaxy-11 91 West
KV Galaxy-26 93 West
KH Galaxy-26 93 West
KV Galaxy-3C 95 West
KH Galaxy-3C 95 West
KV Galaxy-25 97 West
KH Galaxy-25 97 West
KV Galaxy-16 99 West
KH Galaxy-16 99 West
KV AMC-4 101 West
KH AMC-4 101 West
KV AMC-1 103 West
KH AMC-1 103 West
KV AMC-15 105 West
KH AMC-15 105 West
KV Anik-F2 111.1 West
KV Satmex-6 113 West
KH Satmex-6 113 West
KV Satmex-5 116.8 West
KH Satmex-5 116.8 West
KV Echostar-9 121 West
KH Echostar-9 121 West
KV Galaxy-10R 123 West
KH Galaxy-10R 123 West
KV Horizons-1 127 west
KH Horizons-1 127 west
KV Galaxy-27 129 West
KH Galaxy-27 129 West

----- Named services -----
BR Dishnetwork 61.5 West
KV HNS AMC-6 72 west
KH HNS AMC-6 72 west
KH Starband AMC-6 72 West
BL DirecTv 72.5 West
KH HNS Horizons-2 74 west
BR ExpressVu Nimiq-2 82 West
KV HNS AMC-9 83 west
KH HNS AMC-9 83 west
KV HNS AMC-3 87 west
KH HNS AMC-3 87 west
KV HNS G28 89 west
KH HNS G28 89 west
KV HNS G11 91 west
KH HNS G11 91 west
BL ExpressVu Nimiq-1 91 West
KV HNS G26 93 west
KH HNS G26 93 west
KV HNS G3C 95 West
KH HNS G3C 95 west
KH HNS Galaxy-16 .74 99 West
KH HNS Galaxy-16 .98 99 West
KH Starband AMC-4 101 West
DTV Ka/Ku 3G 101 West
SuperDish 105 West
BL DirecTv 110 West (single LNB)
BR DishNetwork 110 West
DishPro 110 West
KV HNS SM6 113 west
KH HNS SM6 113 west
KV HNS SM5 116 west
KH HNS SM5 116 west
BR Dish500+ 118.7 West (10.75GHz)
DTV Ka/Ku 3G 119 West
DishPro 119 West
BL DishNetwork 119 West
SuperDish 121 West
KV HNS Hor1 127 west
KH HNS Hor1 127 west
BR DishNetwork 129 West
KV StarBand Galaxy-27 129 West
KH StarBand Galaxy-27 129 West
BR DishNetwork 148 West

---------- C-Band ----------
CR Intelsat-907 27.5 West
CV Intelsat-805 55.5 West
CH Intelsat-805 55.5 West
CV Intelsat-9 58 West
CH Intelsat-9 58 West
CH Amazonas 61 West
CV AMC-6 72 West
CV AMC-3 87 West
CH AMC-3 87 West
CH Galaxy-28 89 West
CV Galaxy-11 91 West
CH Galaxy-11 91 West
CH Galaxy-26 93 West
CV Galaxy-3C 95 West
CH Galaxy-3C 95 West
CV Galaxy-25 97 West
CV Galaxy-16 99 West
CH Galaxy-16 99 West
CV AMC-4 101 West
CH AMC-4 101 West
CH Anik-F2 111.1 West
CV AMC-1 103 West
CH AMC-1 103 West
CH AMC-18 105 West
CV Anik-F1R 107.3 West
CH Anik-F1R 107.3 West
CH SatMex-6 113 West
CH SatMex-5 116.8 West
CV SatMex-5 116.8 West
CV Echostar-9 121 West
CH Echostar-9 121 West
CV Galaxy-10R 123 West
CH Galaxy-10R 123 West
CV Galaxy-14 125 West
CH Galaxy-14 125 West
CV Horizons-1 127 West
CH Horizons-1 127 West
CV AMC-11 131 West
CH AMC-11 131 West
CV Galaxy-15 133 West
CH Galaxy-15 133 West
CV AMC-10 135 West
CH AMC-10 135 West
CV AMC-7 137 West
CH AMC-7 137 West
CH AMC-8 139 West

------ Universal KU LNB ------
UV Telstar-12 15 West
UH Telstar-12 15 West
UH NSS-7 22 West
UV Hispasat-1C 30 West
UH Hispasat-1C 30 West
UV Intelsat 801 31.5 West
UH Intelsat 801 31.5 West
UH Intelsat 3R 43 West
UV PAS-1R 45 West
UH PAS-1R 45 West
UH Intelsat-705 50 West
UV AMC-6 72 West
UH AMC-6 72 West
UH SBS-6 74 West
UV AMC-5 79 West
UH AMC-5 79 West
UV AMC-9 83 West
UH AMC-9 83 West
UV AMC-3 87 West
UH AMC-3 87 West
UV IA-8 89 West
UH IA-8 89 West
UV Galaxy-11 91 West
UH Galaxy-11 91 West
UV IA-6 93 West
UH IA-6 93 West
UV Galaxy-3C 95 West
UH Galaxy-3C 95 West
UV Galaxy-25 97 West
UH Galaxy-25 97 West
UV Galaxy-4R 99 West
UH Galaxy-4R 99 West
UV AMC-4 101 West
UH AMC-4 101 West
UV AMC-1 103 West
UH AMC-1 103 West
UV AMC-15 105 West
UH AMC-15 105 West
UV Anik-F2 111.1 West
UV Satmex-6 113 West
UH Satmex-6 113 West
UV Satmex-5 116.8 West
UH Satmex-5 116.8 West
UV Echostar-9 121 West
UH Echostar-9 121 West
UV Galaxy-10R 123 West
UH Galaxy-10R 123 West

---- Customer Specific ----
KV G-26 DMX 93 West ( Test )
UV Skyway AMC-4 101 West
KV PAS-2 NEA 169
KV PAS-2 AUS 169
KV Galaxy-10R HNS Shim Kit Test 2
KH AMC-2 Test 1
KH AMC-2 Test 2
KH Galaxy-10R HNS Shim Kit Test 1
KV Galaxy 11 (Shim Kit) HNS
KH Galaxy 11 (Shim Kit) HNS






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Warranty Information

Perfect Vision Warranties the BIRDOG ULTRA Satellite Signal Meter & Locator for 1 Year
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