Antennas Direct ClearStream2 Antenna

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Great performance in a compact form. This indoor / outdoor HDTV antenna features Improved gain and impedance bandwidth as compared to single models. Even performance curve across the UHF DTV spectrum.

The first in a series of compact, highly efficient antennas designed and optimized for 2009 UHF frequencies associated with the DTV transition.

The ClearStream2™ antenna represents a new breakthrough in size and unmatched ultra efficient design and gain. Advanced design software allows these 10" x 20" antennas to be smaller and more powerful across the entire UHF DTV spectrum offering consistent high gain. With the efficiency of the C2 you can have range and power normally found in antennas up to 5 times the size in a compact and attractive form. The C2 delivers TV signals from widely located broadcast towers and offers flexible aiming characteristics with an extremely wide beam width of 70 degrees.

Optimized for the post 2009 UHFdigital frequencies. Designed for reception on core UHF DTV (ch 14-51).Range: Up to 50 Miles,Gain of 10.2 dBi,Consistent gain through the entire UHF DTV channel spectrum,Great for indoor, outdoor and attic use,Dimensions: 20"L x 12"W x 5"D

  • Delivers enhanced performance at 174 MHz to 216 MHz frequency
  • Provides gain of up to 10.4 dBi
  • This antenna provides enhanced signals for your television
  • Roof Mountable - A perfect solution for roof installations
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